Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mayor of Milwaukee injured in attack

Former Congressmen and current Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was injured defending a women at a fair.

What a great guy. Its nice to see a politician stand up for your average folks. Congressman and senators can't vote on anything without all their interests taken care of while this guy gets attacked. Good for him.

*Update* Apparently there is a lot of speculation that he may run for governor now that Gov. Jim Doyle is retiring . Not to diminish is act of good but it should help him politically especially considering the positive national coverage he's getting.

Birthers are not original

Apparently a lot of people think the our 21st president, Chester Arthur, was born in Canada.

Funny side note I did a school project on President Arthur in the fourth grade.

The Arthur story is way more plausible than the Obama. In fact, its totally been disproven. People can be really crazy sometimes butt least we now know this story won't die.

By the way, McCain was born in Panama. Though in my opinion the whole natural born thing is much to do about nothing. McCain and Obama are both eligible to become president.

Friday, August 14, 2009

My endorsement for Governor

I am supporting Josh Penry in his effort to become Colorado's next governor.

Governor Ritter is a good man who has been very kind to me, but I feel that it is time to reduce government spending and stop the rise in fees and taxes in this state. I moderately approved referendums C & D. I disapprove some aspects of TABOR (while supporting it in principle). Still, we do not use money to properly fund our schools while hundreds and hundreds of new state employees got on the payroll. Senator Penry has been an advocate for education reform.

Senator Penry is a moderate who is not a zealot and right wing ideologue. He will represent both the western slope and the front range well. Having personally met him and seen him in action I am very impressed by his tone and work.

I am looking forward to a gubernatorial race where two good men can debate their ideas without all the political noise and backstabbing. This will give voters a good chance to weigh the issues and have a policy focused election.

At Senator Penry's website you can donate your money or your time so we can have a respectful election in 2010. Even if you support Governor Ritter I hope you at least support Senator Penry's nomination.

Rational arguments on Health Care

I am fairly undecided about the best way to solve the health care problem in this country and there is all kinds of crazy talk out there such as "death panels" or "medicaid and medicare are not government run." So in the spirit of good argument and fact here are a couple of good commentaries about health care.

On the left, this one argues some of the merits while acknowledging the disadvantages of the Canadian health care system.

On the right, we have John Mackey CEO of Whole Foods giving his well reasoned arguments.

I will say I find Mackey's arguments fairly appealing. The biggest one being "Repeal all state laws which prevent insurance companies from competing across state lines."

Since states basically allow health insurance monopolies you get no real competition and no incentive to reduce costs. Honestly, we live in a mercantilist/state sponsored business health care system rather than a true capitalist or socialist system.

Still I will concede that Canada's system isn't bad.

Friday, August 7, 2009

DC interns

Not sure if I posted on this but this has to be one of my favorite blogs:

Nice way to lighten up the day.

I'm back

Sorry for the lack of updates. I was in Russia. I returned last week but got a little lazy. Anyway here's a few tidbits about Russia.

Russians read like crazy and are very well educated. Book stores are always packed (unlike America) and you can hardly walk anywhere without seeing someone reading.

Russia is a horribly corrupt country full of many contrasts. You can find the fanciest things out there but there is a lot of poverty and general sketchiness. John Edwards' two Americas comments seem like hyperbole compared to Russia.

Russians love to talk about politics. They are hesitant to talk about Russian politics but they will after they loosen up. Russians love to ask questions about America and President Obama. Russians are big fans of Obama (bizarre considering how racist Russia is).

The biggest thing in my mind is that young educated Russians are very frustrated. They are frustrated with corruption and they feel like they can't use their skills to get ahead. Many want to move to America. I have a feeling Russia is going to go through a massive transformation in the next few years as the college class is Russia gets more frustrated. Russia will either adapt and grow or there will be one heck of a revolution going on. Its up to Prime Minister Putin to make this decision as it will have long term historical consequences. A third possibility is a Russian brain drain as Russians leave their country to Europe and America to seek more economic opportunities.

Anyway, I will throw in more tidbits on my experiences in Russia but hopefully I will get back to what I do best and that's discuss politics!