Sunday, January 25, 2009

Muhammad Ali Hasan considering run for CO Treasurer

I am a pretty big fan of Ali Hasan. I don't know as much as I should about Cary Kennedy and how the treasury does but I really like the guy and hope he runs.

Even if I do fully support him I think he would bring some creativity and energy that is lacking in CO politics. Colorado needs a new voice and if he can bring it to the campaign all the better. Very entertaining a lovable guy I wish him all the best.

Friday, January 23, 2009

What the...?

I can't believe Paterson picked Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand.

Bring on Governor Cuomo and a new senator in 2010.

There is no way either Paterson or Gillibrand can survive a Democratic primary.

Caroline Kennedy would probably crush Gillibrand in a primary especially in Cuomo goes for the governor ship.

I heard on Hardball that Paterson is setting up Gillibrand for failure so protect himself.

Problem is there is no shortage of well financed, well-known, very progressive Democrats in New York.

If this was like Colorado that wouldn't be a bad strategy (which Ritter didn't do) but New York?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

No Senator Kennedy from NY

Well I will admit that I am just a tad disappointed the Caroline Kennedy won't be senator.

Being an Irish-American love the Kennedys. I am biased I admit it.

Though for Paterson should Cuomo because he is more likely to change him for the governor's seat. Honestly, Cuomo probably would rather be a governor than the junior senator from NY.

I personally would rather be a governor than a junior senator though being a senator is a life time occupation.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I was just watching a Frontline/World podcast on microcredit in Uganda.

Very interesting. I am a huge believer in microcredit. Muhammad Yumus is in Colorado on Sunday. I hope to get a chance to see him.

Anyway the microcredit organization featured in this documentary is called Kiva I highly encourage you to check this out and learn more about microcredit.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fed/Colo. Spending

The government should have a stimulus package that involves tax cuts, infastructure spending, and schools.

Nothing else. No pork projects.

States are cutting back on education and infastructure. In Colorado, we already have terrible school and the worst roads around.

It is embarrassing for me as a Coloradoan who drives to the western slope regularly how bad the roads are.

It is even more frustrating that politicians think its better to reduce spending on infastructure and education. Those are probably the two most important things the government can spend money on.

Andrew Romanoff should challenge Ritter in a primary because as much as I like Ritter personally his governorship has been bad. Bennet? Seriously?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Israel's invasion

Will backfire. Call me crazy but considering how the war in Lebanon strengthen Iran and Hezbollah its difficult to conclude that Gaza will go any better.

So much for democratic piece. In fact, young democracies tend to be more warlike than other forms of government.


When people get to express themselves for the first time they want to show their might. Hamas won because Palestine wants to fight Israel.

Not to mention invading a heavily populated area will most likely give Hamas a propoganda victory.

Both sides have the right to exist. Israel should have seen the rocket attacks coming and would be better off not to overreact.

Bennet? Really?

Well I guess Ritter is 1-2 when it comes to appointments. Bernie Buescher was a great idea for Secretary of State. Michael Bennet for U.S. Senate leaves me with more questions than answers.

I keep up with politic fairly well and I really don't know enough about Bennets positions as a Senator. I know him well enough to recommend him for Education Secretary in a previous blog.

The reason Ritter picked Bennet is his lack of a record. Romanoff and Hickenlooper have lenghy and more well-known records. Bennet is also young so he can keep that seat for awhile if he wins in 2010.

Now what should Romanoff do? I would say either go for the state senate or challange Dianna DeGette in a primary. I don't hate DeGette but the lack of competition in CD 1bothers me. I think it gives DeGette an excuse to be less active outside of stem cells.