Friday, December 4, 2009

Why CO Senate race is absent?

Well I haven't done much writing recently but I will say I do not plan on writing about the Colorado senate race next year because I am myself involved in it. I'm doing some volunteering for Romanoff and therefore I will recuse myself from speaking about it on this blog. It would be unfair to Romanoff and the campaign to make any comment on the race. Not that I have any secrets but I'm just saying this because I think bloggers should have some ethics.

This blog was primarily the project of an outside observer. I have done some volunteering and internships in the past but during 2008 I decided to take some time off. In the future, I will this blog will probably be more focused on speculation outside Colorado and national/international politics. Basically, anything that can be linked to Romanoff is strictly off limits. If Romanoff were to loose the primary or I stop working for Romanoff then be more open to discussing the race. However, whatever happens in Romanoff's office stays in that office.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hey Dana Perino you're a tool. There was no terrorist attack in the US while Bush was president? Really? Were you in a cave or are you more correctly a political hack? As for Sean Hannity so if Obama is a terrorist for reaching out to Al Qaeda (which he did not but for the sake of argument I'll go along with) does that make Nixon a communist for reaching out and visiting Soviet Union or China? How about Reagan? You're booth tools and not very sharp ones at that. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

*Sorry for the terrible writing but I'm honestly so mad and sick of Bush newspeak.