Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Third party or minority party 101 (an intro)

One issue I have some particular experience in is the difference between a party that is in power and a party that is out of power. I worked with Democrats while they have (and still do) control both state houses and the governor's office. I also used to work briefly with the Libertarian Party. This is a theme that I would like this blog to particularly focus on.

The big difference between a party that is in power and a minority or third party is that while out of power political parties become more insular and dogmatic. Political parties need to focus on building big tents. Obama won the election the way he did because of his ability to build a big tent (plus a very unpopular President from the other party).

Though the Democratic Party is bound to implode sooner or later (I vote sooner with the whole Dodd Obama fight with bonuses) the Republicans should not wait for that to happen.

Republicans need to focus more on being a center-right party while the Democrats are the center-left. Yes the Rush Limbaugh's and the extreme right-wing have their place but that is a member of a coalition not the entire party.

Unfortunately, the ones with the biggest megaphones in the Republican Party are the extreme right-wing. This forces the Republicans to maintain there base of support unnecessarily. To be honest extreme views should not be counted on to win national or state elections.

My evidence supporting these claims is the stimulus vote. The only three Republican votes that went for the stimulus came from left-leaning states (Maine and Pennsylvania).

The reason why I support healthy minority and third parties is:
A) When your side looses power all things don't go to hell
B) It forces both sides to the center

I personally feel that there are a lot of young reasonable Republicans that are getting ignored because they not in the extreme right-wing. I have always been open to voting Republican but I have yet to have the opportunity.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Just for the record I do not believe Churchill has the academic or research abilities to be a professor.

Do I think CU made plagiarism an excuse to fire him. I doubt it. Most likely he drew a lot of attention to himself. He has every right to say what he wants though he is incredibly wrong. Free speech does not mean you censor those who disagree with you.

Still the guy should not be a professor. CU had the right to fire him. Why they hired him in the first place should be the question everyone is asking.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thoughts on Ireland

Since most are just getting over their St. Patrick's Day hang over I thought I would bring a little perspective on Irish politics.

I tend to have strong nationalist sympathies. I spend my day listening to Irish rebel songs and watching Michael Collins.

With the recent violence in Northern Ireland however I think these Real and Continuity IRA thugs are dangerous. I am particularly worried that Unionist terrorists will now be back in business and blame things on the IRA (which they have done during The Troubles).

This renewed violence is very counterproductive. Ireland needs to focus on the future in not the past. Catholic population grows much faster than the protestant one. The Republic of Ireland has become an economic force (though no one has a solid economy at the moment). Belfast needs to stop with the moaning and nostalgia of the past.

Ireland will be united in my life time. The English have done enough killing. The Irish have killed enough of each other during the civil war and The Troubles it is time to move on.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mike May running for Governor? Plus Republican musings

Reuters is reporting that Mitt Romney has endorse House Minority Leader Michael May for governor in 2010.

In addition, Muhammad Ali Hasan has also been a strong supporter of Mike May.

Republicans really do have a shot at many Colorado races in 2010. I think Gov. Ritter has been a bit of a dispointment. It pains me to say it because I've met with him numerous times and he is a really good person but his administration has been a disappointment.

With Bennet being a surprise nomination for senator and his difficult decision on the Employee Free Choice Act Republicans are really going to target Colorado.

I also have a feeling that Republicans have a good bench in Hasan and Josh Penry. Both are very talented. Penry will be governor or senator someday and Hasan is considering running against Cary Kennedy for State Treasurer. Hasan has a good shot Kennedy is not much of a campaigner and he's got the ability to grab moderates and Democrats. He's the kind of person who thinks outside the box and is not hyper-partisan.

As for the Republicans nationally however, they need a lot of work. Minority Whip Eric Cantor looked really good on Meet the Press. Unfortunately, its hard to take the Republicans too seriously right now when it comes to fiscal issues. They say one thing and do another.

When it comes to foreign and social policy Republicans are just wrong almost on all levels. American needs more diplomacy and less interference in our day-to-day lives.

With social policy Republicans don't understand that just because something is not illegal does not mean the government endorses it. I don't personally endorse prostitution or drug legalization but prohibition is just bad government policy.

Same with homosexuality. In fact there is nothing wrong with gay marriage or being gay. I understand the objects some people have but allowing gays to marry or just be gay does not mean you endorse your lifestyle. You are in fact only endorsing freedom and personal choice.

Not to mention Republicans are in-fighting and don't have a clear message or platform right now.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cramer v. Stewart

Jon Stewart did a very good job on nailing Jim Cramer to the wall last night. I haven't gotten a chance to see the whole interview yet but Cramer looked like a guy who brought a knife to a gun fight.

To his credit though Cramer took it like a man. I've never been a huge fan of Cramer I always thought he was way too over the top. But at the same time he strikes me a more honest than a lot of other guys.

I will be curious to see if his show changes at all. I would really like to see some hard hitting financial news on CNBC that includes some investigative journalism.

After going back and seeing the full interview and looking back at some Daily Show episodes I'll give a more full analysis.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Small v Big Minds

Fivethirtyeight had a pretty good piece on the Republican use of the term Democrat Party rather than Democratic Party.

Being a former government worker I usually don't subscribe myself to the whole public service, honor, serving your country stuff. Politics is a dog-eat-dog world and the faster you realize that the better you are.

Still there should be some proper rules when it comes to discourse and calling your opponent by the correct terminalogy should be one of them.

Its like calling everyone who disagrees with you a Nazi. All it does is demean yourself and reduce impact of really Nazis.

As a I am Russian Orthodox it is personally insulting when someone uses the term Nazi or Communist. Nazis and Leninists are evil. More Russians died at the hands of the Nazis than anyone group of people in any war in human history. Communists (which are actually Leninist) slaughtered priests and destroyed a church that's still trying to find itself.

Anyway, sorry about the rant. The point is Republicans use of the term "Democrat Party" makes the Democratic Party look more patrician and separates themselves from the general population. Basically the Republicans use the term to separate the Democrats from their base.