Friday, October 23, 2009

Medicare Part E

Took Democrats long enough right? I mean I think Keith Olbermann is a smart guy who puts on an entertaining show (though I find many places of disagreement) but there are three big questions on my mind:

1) Is Keith Olbermann the next Rush Limbaugh? Can he claim to be the voice of the Democratic Party?
2) Why are the Democrats (and Republicans for that matter) so reluctant to support a public option that is so ridiculously popular?
3) What took everyone so long to call the public option Medicare Part E?

These are all process questions obviously but I tend to be a practically minded political person (say that three times fast).

If I were a member of congress I would vote for a public option if and only if all of John Mackey's reforms were included with health care reform.

Health care is quite an interesting subject for me because it seems to throw all of political perceptions out of wack. When I look at politics I first look first does it fit my libertarian-independent (small l) philosophy. Second, does it make economic sense? Third, can this idea become law politically and practically. Lastly, is it the morally right thing to do.

The libertarian hates health care reform.
The economist and the moral view sees the need for reform.
The political strategist is confused on what the hell everyone is doing. It seems everyone is acting irrationally.

In summary this is really exciting.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Arianna Huffington should calm down

She recently blogged that Biden should resign the vice presidency in protest of escalating the war in Afghanistan.

Are you kidding me? That would be so damaging to Obama's political credibility that he'll be a lame duck before his first year in office is finished.

I thought it was all about the team of rivals? Apparently, Adrianna should take back all the things she said about the singled-minded Bush administration. God forbid we an administration has internal disagreements.