Saturday, January 16, 2010


I did some research on Haiti awhile back and I do consider myself particularly familiar with its history, economics, and political problems. I'm thinking of doing a series of blogs on how to solve for the major problems in Haiti. Unlike some other countries I think Haiti's cycle of crisis can be solved.

This is how I feel Haiti's problems lie:
1) Economics/Environment
2) Politics
3) Too much direct foreign intervention

I will cover this more in the future but here's my solutions:
1) Immediately input a reforestation program
2) Open up Haitian trade by including Haiti in DR-CAFTA
3) Gradually withdraw the UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti
4) Refocus the UN to:
  • Monitoring elections
  • Treating AIDS through the World Health Organization
  • Focus aid through UNICEF

5) Have the US and EU train a police force and a (small) military
6) Respect Haiti's sovereignty

More on this later...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Well I'm already wrong but that's a good thing

Salazar has turned down running for governor and now supports Hickelooper. Probably a good thing. Salazar is a cool guy and I really disagree with him on Iraq/Gitmo issues and some economic issues as well but his run for governor would have been interesting.

Hickenlooper however is more interesting though Hickenlooper is so popular he can only loose (thing Obama). As a guy who is both a policy wonk and a campaign junky this certainly appeals to the campaign junky side.

Now I wonder if there will be a primary (probably not), will Hickenlooper actually run (he in all likelihood will), who will he pick as his running mate, and will this be the western slope McInnis v. the Denverite/Front Ranger Hickenlooper?

Hickenlooper will probably have to make a Western Sloper his running mate or make a huge splash to put him over the top.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Colorado Political Questions

Major lack of updates on my part. Anyway lets get to it.

Some major political questions in Colorado that will become clearer as time goes on but I am going to ask and speculate on now:

Who is going to run on the Democratic ticket for governor?
My guess Ken Salazar if not than Hickenlooper. Salazar will probably win though. Most interesting question for me is who will he pick as a running mate.

Will Romanoff beat Bennet and Norton?
I think Romanoff has a good chance certainly name recognition and anti-incumbency mood helps. Norton is a formidable opponent probably stronger than Bennet.

Will Markey keep her seat?
Yes, yes, and yes. I bet it is hers as long as she wants it.

How much will the anti-incumbency feeling actually effect the election?
Not much actually but then again I am prepared to be shocked. Best chance of anti-incumbency is in the senate election and maybe state treasurer.

What was Rep. Kathleen Curry thinking?
If you ask me not very much. She thinks she will be more effective without her chairmanship and leader position? Now she has to run as a write-in candidate. Yeah seems like she's committing political suicide.

How are Ali Hasan's chances?
I make no secret how much I like him. Kennedy is smart but not much of a campaigner on the Democratic side. Republican field is crowded not sure he can win a primary. I do believe he would be a challenge for Kennedy in a state wide race though with his money and cross party appeal. His anti-cumbency views and new face could help. I do worry though that his last campaigns have killed his appeal in the front range with ironically should be his base for a state wide office. He's also had some bad press.

Still the biggest question on my mind what is Josh Penry's future?
I have no idea. I think he may have hurt himself a big with his run for governor. I do have a sneaking suspicion he made some sort of deal with McInnis. I'm guessing has his running mate but I'll be honest I have no clue and I'm really curious.