Sunday, April 15, 2007


Though I do not agree with a lot of his politics or policies I will admit that his handling of the British hostages was brilliant.

First President Ahmadinejad's political situation in his home country is not ideal as there is opposition to his rule. However, but taking the British marines it unites the Iranians with a sense of nationalism. Iran is united in its political opposition to the West and its so called "invasion". By taking advantage of the anti-western sentiment he has gained a large amount of political capital.

Second, his power play by Iran makes Britain look weak. Prime Minister Blair was unable to come up with a deal for the hostages. Now he is grateful for an end to a political nightmare. Blair no looks like he has no control or influence in the Middle East. Iran just humiliated one of President Bush's few international supporters. In the words of Geoffrey Wheatcroft, "There was nothing that London could do in military terms to chastise Tehran." (Wheatcroft, Geoffrey)

Third, Iran profited from the temporary spike in oil prices. Iran raked in "an extra $38 million in proceeds that have hit the country's coffers, or just over $2 million for each sailor captured." (Van Riper, Tom)

Finally, President Ahmadinejad appears generous. He called the release of the hostages has an Easter gift. England will feel like President Ahmadinejad in aggressive but reasonable hurting any British support for a war in Iran.

President Ahmadinejad did something nobody else has been able to do... appease the British and the Iranians while looking strong. We can learn something from President Ahmadinejad's power politics.

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