Saturday, April 18, 2009

I actually like this idea

Pennsylvania State Rep. Kevin Murphy uses a uses a drive thru window at his office.

Ban cellphones in cars?

* Accidentially posted this on my sports blog - - a couple of days ago. My bad.

I have to say I completely agree with Mike Rosen on banning cellphone use in cars.

Its a dumb idea and we got bigger things to worry about. This is my massive libertarian streak.

I also enjoyed the point that guys get distracted "olging the pretty girl in the car alongside."

Though I have yet to be in a car accident I have had some close calls. I'd say about 75% of those close calls were due to my ablilty to appreciate a good looking women.

Does that mean we should ban good looking women from being in view of male drivers. I'm looking at you pretty jogger.

The answer is no.

Free trade solves all the world's problems?

Maybe not but I think it would reduce a lot of wars out there.

Reason being that when you trade everyone benefits because of comparative advantage.

An excellent book on the subject of free trade is After War: The Political Economy of Exporting Democracy by Christopher Coyne.

That is a reason I voted for Obama not necessarily because he's all free trade but because I think he will improve trade relations with Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, and Iran. That is the key to peace between all those countries is trading goods and opening up markets making war even more costly than bombs and human lives. Free trade makes war bad for business.

Obama is already looking to open up trade with Cuba and have better relations with Venezuela as seen here.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Joe the Liar

So Karl Rove called Vice President Joe Biden a "blowhard" and a "liar."

Takes one to know one Mr. Rove.

Do I agree with Joe Biden on everything? Hell no but having met him and in reading his autobiography I will say he's a likable guy. He is blowhard but he acknowledges that.

Rove not so much.

Actually Rove kind of reminds me of Cartman in this South Park episode. Honestly, I think Rove is remembering/imagining things the rest of non-political hacks didn't see.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Huckabee taking over

Fivethirtyeight has an interesting post on a Rasmussen Reports poll that compares the approval numbers of capitalism versus socialism. Socialists seem to be getting more support though I agree with Fivethirtyeight's position that this poll should be taken with caution.

More interesting is whether or not Republicans will move towards a more economic populism. I always found it curious that a lot of peoples votes are more based on cultural conservatism rather than economic populism but that could change.

Most interesting of all, would this push the Republicans to Huckabee and away from the Romney types? I doubt in the long run. I think Romney's got a great shot in 2012 but if the economy is still not recovering than Huckabee would be an interesting alternative.

Maybe Huckabee should have been the VP choice after all?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


GM is making a deluxe segway

and the Daily Kos went insane.

Is it really that hard to have an electric car coupled with some better mass transit in cities? I don't think so.

Keep the gas cars (for now) in rural areas (long trips) the rest of us should just go electric.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Smoking Ad

I think the ads message went to far. I don't tend to throw my arms up at every emotional controversy but I don't agree with the tactic of hyperbole and using children as emotional weapons. I am not a big fan of using this kid either but I am more worried about the ads message.

I try to make this blog somewhat professional. However, I couldn't help but notice a comparison with the South Park episode Butt Out.

Lastly, my point is I am not a fan of the anti-smoking crusade. Like all crusades it is all about zealotry and little facts. Smoking is definitely bad for you but do we really have to shun and ban smoking everywhere? No, it takes away rights of smokers and business. I hear a lot about the rights of non-smokers, of which I am one, but nothing about smokers rights. Most smokers are courteous enough to ask before smoking in front of you. So it seems to me much to do about nothing. Really it is the anti-smoking campaign that's blowing the most smoke (couldn't help the pun).

*For the record though I call myself a nonsmoker I do enjoy the very occasional cigar but no more than once a week and more often like every three to four weeks.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I wasn't a big fan of Owens but I'll make an exception

In a Denver Post article , Former Governor Bill Owens said, "I think the $1 in damages accurately reflects the jury's appreciation for Ward Churchill's warm and endearing personality."

Got to give him some props for saying something pretty funny.

Anyway in discussing this with a professor of mine I told him, "Well if I refer to innocent victims of random, cold-blooded murder "technocrats," "little Eichmanns," or (my political science professor) Robert Hazan's favorite "market terrorist" in a future essay you'll know I am trying covering up plagiarism.

It's good to know that now plagiarism in now legally ok!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where in the world is Mitt Romney?

Is it just me or I haven't really heard much from Romney lately?

McCain should have gotten over himself and picked him to be his running mate. The Republicans could have hammered him on experience (both military and economic) and lot look like giant hypocrites.

I have in earlier blog recommended Romney be economic czar for the Obama administration.

Romney should be the voice of the Republican party because he can argue economic issues and not seem out of touch. Romney is a bit more practical than your average Republican - at least while as governor of Massachusetts then ran as hard to the right as he could during the presidential primaries.

People are worried about jobs not terrorism and foreign policy stuff. The Republicans should sound more realistic on economic issues because they can't use scare tactics when it comes to terrorism any more. Romney would be the man for this.

Churchill wins? Seriously? *updated

I cannot believe Churchill won his civil case against CU. *Update* Though he only gets one dollar I still don't like the legal ramifications. The worst being a judge gets to decide if this unqualified buffoon gets to have his job back.

He was fired for plagiarism which he is incredibly guilty off. Yes, the paper he wrote brought some unwanted attention to himself. Don't exercise your free speech rights if you can't handle the criticism. That's like catching someone jaywalking and then found out he's innocent but he's really a thief. Are you just going to let him go? No, I know that's a bit of a hyperbole/straw man but seriously what is wrong with these people?

You can't plagiarise and be an academic. There are enough crappy professors that are biased but at least follow the rules. Now all hell has broken loose.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Obama and Russia

Just thought I would point out a couple of Washington Post pieces on Obama and Russia. I supported Obama primarly for his more diplomatic stance towards the rest of the world and Russia in particular. I'd write more but my hand is not happy with all the blog posting (I have 3 other blogs) and the homework so enjoy these:

U.S., Russia Work to Reduce Nuclear Warheads

Dmitry Medvedev's Op-ed