Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A good look at the healthcare debate

My criticism is that it doesn't a talk about some of the good ideas Mackey has. Still I think it summarizes everything well.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

TV prosecutors

I can't stand those former prosecutors how go on tv and screech all day long.

I want criminals to get the book thrown at them but for every Elizabeth Smart there's the Duke Lacrosse team. You know not all people accused of a crime are guilty. That's why you're innocent until proven guilty.

Or maybe your just anti-American who wants to put make everyone guilty in the court of public opinion. I admit it I'm strawmaning here.

Oh yeah she was rude to Elizabeth Smart. Some victims' rights advocate. Smart does the right thing by helping people without bringing attention to herself. Only if every person was as mature and put together as Smart.

Definitely some people screwed up out there in California but can we do it without the screeching and the holier-than-thou attitude?

Don't get your information from television. If you have to go to C-Span, PBS, or BBC.