Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris a Senator?

No would be the answer to that question. Really dumb idea by Blagojevich and why Burris ever agreed to this is beyond me.

Anyway, I'll write more when I get back from visiting family on either the first or second.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Not a whole lot of good political news at the moment.

The only thing of note is the never-ending-saga that is the senate race in Minnesota. Though that has been so back and forth its hard to say anything that wouldn't end up being wrong.

So since I will be out of town the next couple of days I probably won't do any major updates until the 2nd of the New Year. Though if major news emerges would feel obligated to say something

Until then Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

P.S. As much as I like Christmas I am glad to have a break from Christmas music and the War on Christmas.

Monday, December 22, 2008

This is the problem with bailouts

Bailouts create a moral hazard. This is an economic term meaning that invention may change the incentives so that people or companies will no longer do what is efficient.

The Wall Street Journal has an article about how developers want a bailout too.

The problem here is bailing out companies sets a precedent that allows for them to take bigger unnecessary risks because the government will act as a safety net if they fail.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Calm down about Warren

Honestly, do gay activist have something better to do than complain about Pastor Warren at the inauguration?

Apparently not.

I'm supportive of gay rights all the way but these guys need to calm down. I actually think this is a good idea. It makes Obama look intelligent and bipartisan while the gay community looks like they're going to through a fit if they don't get exactly what they want.

This is so stupid because everyone seems to think complaining about Warren is a dumb idea. Warren is such a waste of energy for gay activists. The battle over Prop 8 seemed to be going their way now they just look petty.

Give it up and focus your time and resources on better things. Obama is for gay rights. Do you honestly think you could have a President so far to the left? Obama is probably the most liberal since at least Jimmy Carter.

Romanoff needs to be discussed more

I find it curious that fivethirtyeight.com and others are focusing on John Salazar as Hickenlooper's main alternative to Ken Salazar's open senate seat.

Fact is John Salazar has way more power in the House than in the Senate. He's on appropriations which is way more powerful than being a freshman senator.

Additionally, there are not too many Democrats that can win in Colorado's 3rd congressional district. Trust me I used to live there. If you don't agree with me just ask the new Secretary of State Bernie Buescher who got ousted in the last election even though he was tagged to be Speaker of the House. Not to mention downtown Grand Junction is probably one of the more left-leaning areas in the 3rd.

Congressman Perlmutter also lives in a conservative district which he can hold as long as he wants. Being a former intern for the Congressman I can tell you very few Democrats are capable of winning the 7th. Its even harder to find a Democrat that will win as easily as Perlmutter has. Part of Perlmutter's appeal is his strong constituent response which will be hard to keep in a state has large as Colorado, especially his "Government at the Grocery" program/strategy. Therefore, he is best kept where he is.

This leads me to Romanoff. The former speaker lacks the name recognition that Hickenlooper has. Hickenlooper also has Colorado's Democrats version of Karl Rove, Mike Dino. Would Hickenlooper be a superior campaigner to Romanoff. The answer is yes.

However, Romanoff is probably a more effective legislator. Romanoff is well liked by Republicans at least on personal level. His staff is by far the best in the state of Colorado and he is term limited. Hickenlooper will be around in Denver for at least a couple of years while Romanoff needs a job. He's ambitious enough to be a Senator while he has more experience in dealing with Republicans than Hickenlooper. The city of Denver is almost unanimously Democrat and has been that way for awhile.

I am not saying Hickenlooper would be a bad choice. He might even be the favorite but Hickenlooper has a lot of work ahead of him while Romanoff is a free agent at this point. All the talk around Diana DeGette and John Salazar is misplaced because those names are better known but DeGette and John Salazar are better off where they are now than in the senate more polling should be done on Romanoff.

However, being a senator for two years may give him the name recognition needed for him to retain his seat.

Lastly on DeGette, she would be more controversial state wide than she would in the 1st. For reasons like this:

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Muntader al-Zaidi "the Shoe Thrower"

Though I find the event funny like most people I am a little indifferent to the whole shoe event in and of itself.

However, my concern lies with the political implications of how al-Zaidi is treated during his detention and trial.

Obviously, this man should be charged with attempted assault. You can't attempt to injure someone and call that freedom of speech.

Anyway, it is likely that the man was injured and treated harshly by security forces. So it is best to put him on trial. If he is acquitted fine and if he is convicted then he should be pardoned. If indeed he was treated harshly then he should be paid off to at least keep quiet about it - we'll call it restitution or a settlement.

Additionally, any poor treatment should looked into and stopped immediately or this could just case another flair up in Iraq that we don't need. The man is already considered a hero in some circles and there are protests to release him. It's best to treat him well and end the talk of this as quickly as possible for Iraq's and the U.S.'s sakes.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Letter to the Governor Concerning Senate Seat

Dear Governor Ritter,
I find it in the best interest for the state of Colorado to appoint Former Speaker Andrew Romanoff to the United States Senate. I say this a person who has known Andrew Romanoff, a life long resident of Colorado, and as a former employee at the state capitol.

Speaker Romanoff has shown to be a deliberate person who is open to those who disagree with him. He listens before giving his opinion and his office staff is the best in Colorado politics.

Additionally, Speaker Romanoff has the experience of organizing Democrats and Republicans in his former position has House Speaker. The biggest problem facing the senate is whether or not Democrats, Republicans, and the moderates within both parties can come together to pass legislation during this critical time in our nation's history. Speaker Romanoff has shown that he can earn the respect of his colleagues. If you have any doubts about his you can ask former House Minority leader Mike May.

Though Congressmen Edward Perlmutter, John Salazar, Mayor John Hickenlooper, and Congresswoman Dianna DeGette are very bright people and capable of fufilling their duty it is in the best interest to keep the term limited Speaker in Colorado politics. The aforementioned individuals are best kept in their current roles. This is particularly in concern to Congressman Salazar who as a member of the appropriations committee can exercise more power than he can as a freshmen senator.

Speaker Romanoff might not as easily win reelection as Perlmutter, Salazar, and Hickenlooper but my experience with all of these politicians leads me to conclude that Romanoff is the best candidate for the job. Please appoint Speaker Romanoff as Colorado's next senator.

You can send your comments about the open seat to Governor Ritter by clicking the address below:

Monday, December 15, 2008

Obama should give this a try

How about appoint Mitt Romney as an "economy czar" and Michael Bennet as head of the Department of Education?

I disagree with Romney on tons of issues but I will give him this he knows a lot about business.

Obama promised bipartisanship why not make a big statement on the most important issue facing the country?

Well the short answer is labor unions. Obama needs to do something to piss off the unions just a little bit because otherwise he's not going to get an education or economic reforms. Maybe the only person who the labor unions might support instead of Obama would be Huckabee. But Obama has four years to work around that. Maybe give them a nice health care package in exchange of performance pay or vouchers and Romney.

Look Obama has to fight the unions in order for this to work. I am not against unions per se but the unions need to wise up because the political pressure is too great.

As for Bennet, he's got some credentials for taking on labor unions when necessary. But he has worked with them not busted them. Teachers unions need to bite the bullet and make some compromises because honestly there are a lot of bad teachers. Saving the bad teachers should not be their priority. Educational competition is why America's college's are way above the rest of the world and also the lack of competition is the reason why our elementary through high schools are so terrible.

Will Bennet put out vouchers though. Probably not. Will he institute more competitive pay yes.