Wednesday, March 10, 2010

16th St Mall

This is largely a local issue, but since deals with politics, economics, and a place I literally go to everyday I think its an important discussion.

How to revitalize 16th St. Mall? There are three options being proposed and I really don't like any of them except maybe option two. I think option three of moving the shuttles to 16th and 15th Streets is interesting but 15th needs to be revitalized massively. There is nothing interesting there. After looking at the comments I came up with my own idea:

1) Move the shuttles to 17th & 15th Streets. 17th will go east and 15th will go west.
2) Move up the sidewalk to create patio space, a large walkway, and more kiosks.
3) Use the current center lane on 16th as a two way bike path.

Denver should be more bike friendly. Unfortunately, a lot of bicycles (myself included) act like idiots downtown. This way there is a convenient and safe place to ride downtown. Pedestrians and bikes are always a problem but it is almost impossible to bike downtown without using a sidewalk and that is far more dangerous than a careless pedestrian or bicyclist wandering to were they shouldn't be.

I also think 17th St. is very attractive and should be shown to tourists while 15th needs to be revitalized. There is nothing there which seems a waste to me. Obviously, the city and investors would have to be heavily dedicated to this idea but I think after how LoDo was rebuilt after Coors Field it looks certainly possible.