Monday, February 21, 2011

A Crazy Idea for D.C.

I was watching "Waiting for Superman" last night and it made me think about Washington D.C. Then I thought its unfair for D.C. to not have representation in Congress (mainly I was thinking of those license plates that say "Taxation without representation). So I thought about giving D.C. some representation but the problem is D.C. is not a state so it would not have representation in the senate still making the process unfair. Not to mention Republicans won't go for it because a D.C. congressional district would be an extra seat for the Democrats. There is also the idea that D.C. has its own place in government and shouldn't be represented.

So what to do?

I though how about eliminate all federal taxes in the District of Columbia. This could bring a lot of business to D.C. and eliminate "taxation without representation."

Obviously there are a few kinks to work out such as overcrowding D.C., reduction income not only from the federal government but states who would loose business to D.C., and that's just a few.

However, we could keep jobs in America but having our own tax-haven instead of letting companies incorporate overseas. Not to mention there is a lot of poverty, education problems, and crime in D.C. This will bring more investment into our nations capitol and make it a hub of international business.

This could also be used as a tactic by the Republics to get some compromise on D.C.'s representation.